Lean Cloud Delivery

We are a software company from Alkmaar. We specialise in setting up and managing software solutions in the cloud. We provide training, consultancy and interim management in the field of software development.
In addition, we can provide software development service on your location or near-shore outsourced.

These are the things we value in software development and our people

  • A Lean & Agile mindset
  • Cloud native culture
  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps processes

Products and Services

Cloud Migration, Google Cloud Platform & AWS hosting, G-suite migration and support, Software development services


By using concepts from Lean Management we ensure an effective organisation. These are a number of key points that we focus on when implementing Lean Management in a software environment

  • Limit “Work in progress” (WIP limits)
  • Visual Management
  • Feedback from production
  • Lightweight Change approval process


The innovative part of Cloud is that it prevents large investments. It allows you to pay exactly what you use without investments upfront. The combination of Lean with constant ‘flow’ and a Cloud based platform is a 100% match. The deployment of Cloud-based services is therefore crucial in a modern software environment. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose in the field of cloud: “on prem” and in the “public cloud”


The software world today is ruthless. It does not matter whether you maintain and support backend services for a large company, or develop a web platform of any size: the pace of change and the pace of software development has increased significantly. To ensure that everyone involved can keep pace, we offer Consultancy services and software development based on Continuous Delivery. With these services you have the best means to remain relevant.