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Trunk Based Development or GitHub Flow

Wait? these aren’t the same? They sure look very familiar!!! they are very similar but there is one subtle difference, where the release originates           Using GitHub Flow you release from the branch               While with Trunk Based Development you release from master/trunk. This subtle […]

Monolithic Source Control at Google

While you may wonder/think that Google uses git and various fashionable methods interacting with a distributed version control system, they do not! Here is a great explanation of what Google does regarding source control and more importantly: why they do it this way Source: https://trunkbaseddevelopment.com/game-changers/ Continuing on this train of thought: What would you use when […]

Moving to Google Cloud

After quite a while of procrastinating I finally took the time of setting up my production platform the way I wanted to. In the past my services and sites ran on a VPS that was managed “pet style”. I will sure miss this pet. After 6 years of faithful service it’s time to say goodbye: […]

POD stuck on terminating?

–force / –grace-timeout=0 does not work? this worked for me: This stackoverflow article sent me in the right direction and solved my problem: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35453792/pods-stuck-at-terminating-status I had to type: kubectl delete pod wordpress-mysql-5f4b68789d-fsxhs –force –grace-period=0 –wait=false kubectl edit pod wordpress-mysql-5f4b68789d-fsxhs An editor opens with the manifest for the pod. Remove these two lines: finalizers: – foregroundDeletion […]

Feature Branching is Evil

From XP-day Ukraine;   A lot of information on Continous Integration and Continuous Delivery. All compatible with what I try to instruct nicely packaged into a 45 min talk. enjoy! some background on feature branching according to GitHub (the right way) please read on here: https://guides.github.com/introduction/flow/

Enjoy Gitflow, responsibly

Version control was and perhaps always will be a subject of debate. It seems at times we are in a search for a singular “best’ way to manage versions of code under all circumstances. Since about 2008 git has increased popularity significantly and is the most popular version control system since 2012. This meant a […]

Fun read: Disrupted by Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons shares what happened to him after being let go working as the technology editor at Newsweek. After a short stint at an online tech news platform he decided to join a startup himself. Hubspot: close to his home (his family and Hubspot are both located in Boston).  Once he joined, he was very surprised that […]

Crash Course Scrum: Introduction

Last April 22nd I was happy to give a 1 day crash course scrum together with Hugo Messer of Ekipa.co. First time in this setup with co-trainer Hugo.The course consisted of a theory-part in the morning and practical-part in the afternoon. The practical part of the training is a an exercise in city building using legos. The […]

Amazon’s Container Service

The idea behind amazon’s container service is that you focus on providing the containers (Docker images) and amazon defines the rest: datacenter, network, the hosts and auto scale features. Should be interesting if you wish to setup a point of presence in a new geographic location based off amazon’s infrastructure in a few clicks. Here the […]

Quick Tip: Ctrl + Alt + & Jetbrains products

Normally when you press CTRL + ALT + <Arrow> in a Jebrains products, this will make you “go back” or “go forward” and jump through the sourcecode. Intel however has been having a different opinion about this since 2008. If you use Intel graphics card (very popular chip) on Windows and do not reconfigure these […]

Cloud based ZEN Delivery Pipeline

Based on Amazon’s Cloud services I plan to demonstrate a delivery pipeline based on containers using  an online webform for continuous delivery maturity as a test. High Level Design Tools Area Tool Rationale Version Control Git Popular Open Source distributed version control Knowledge/Documentation Confluence (10 user) Easy to use, easy to operate, not expensive, using […]