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Continuous Delivery

“I’d like not to confuse my customer with too many releases” — The least productive software team on the planet

Today’s software world is relentless. It does not matter if you maintain and support back-end services for a large enterprise or develop a web platform of any size: The pace of change and the pace of software development has increased significantly. To make sure everyone involved can keep up the pace: use Continuous Delivery! you’ll like it!


“To me, gamification is finding the way to incent the behaviors that you want your team to have.”  – Dave McDermott, Director of Sales Enablement, Kelly Services

Gamification is a set of tools and practices from games in a non-game context. This can engage your users into your product, help with (validated) learning and problem solving. Using the principles from gamification in a software delivery context is a very powerful way of changing culture and processes inside a software team. Here is how you can benefit from these principles