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Personally I don’t like the so-called “Silicon Valley Inspirational trips”. Don’t get me wrong: they sound like fun but going there just for inspiration seems a bit forced. Then: what do you call it when you happen to be in SF for work and you get ‘inspired’? 😉

This is what happened to me when I was in San Francisco in April 2019 to give a talk about Maxeda, Cloud Transformation and all the cool things we did there. “Since we’re already in SF” let’s have lunch with the team from Constructor.io.

Constructor.io is a Search ML startup based in downtown San Francisco. Their products enable e-commerce platforms to provide a better search experience for their users. Contructor.io uses Machine Learning to train the site what certain products ‘mean’ when they search for keywords. Sounds promising, let’s see what they can tell us.

We had a great time and left knowing a lot more about why Machine Learning is crucial to e-commerce platforms. “be more like Google when you’re doing search” was inspiring to us: we faced challenges with a lot of manual work for the ±100k products that need to be online. Automating ranking based on customer behaviour is crucial because ‘human brain resources’ are always limited!

Update: Nov 2020. after a seamless implementation project a new search engine is powering this large regional DIY retailer’s online platform.