Moving to Google Cloud

After quite a while of procrastinating I finally took the time of setting up my production platform the way I wanted to. In the past my services and sites ran on a VPS that was managed “pet style”. I will sure miss this pet. After 6 years of faithful service it’s time to say goodbye: it’s better this way 🙂
So now all the services are running in a local(ish) datacenter in the north of the Netherlands (brand new!) and I encountered some interesting things in the new product that GCP offers; Google Filestore has a 1 TB minimum which sets the price minimum at a cool $250 dollars a month. Not so cheap when you really only need a fraction of this.
The presentation gives a visual overview of the setup and it’s versions:

  • Version 1: GKE on persistent disks and OnDemand cluster nodes: slow on restart container and expensive
  • Version 2: GKE using Buckets as central store (failed) and Preemptible nodes: not working
  • Version 3: GKE using Google FileStore (beta) and Preemtible nodes: great but expensive
  • Version 4: GKE using homegrown NFS and Preemptible nodes: fast and inexpensive!
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