Fun read: Disrupted by Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons shares what happened to him after being let go working as the technology editor at Newsweek. After a short stint at an online tech news platform he decided to join a startup himself. Hubspot: close to his home (his family and Hubspot are both located in Boston).  Once he joined, he was very surprised that he had in fact joined some sort of dysfunctional cult.  Disrupted describes his ‘misadventures’ in a comical way and makes good points on topics of age discrimination in tech startups; how tech investors have successfully de-risked their investment in the startup company, making the founders and themselves rich(er) while having little to share with the people who happend to work there while the company grew.

A very good read!


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Crash Course Scrum: Introduction

Last April 22nd I was happy to give a 1 day crash course scrum together with Hugo Messer of First time in this setup with co-trainer Hugo.The course consisted of a theory-part in the morning and practical-part in the afternoon.

The practical part of the training is a an exercise in city building using legos. The teams each construct lego buildings for a city-planner (Product Owner). The teams estimated a complete backlog, used 3 sprints and held retrospectives. A near complete scrum experience using Lego

Amazon’s Container Service

The idea behind amazon’s container service is that you focus on providing the containers (Docker images) and amazon defines the rest: datacenter, network, the hosts and auto scale features. Should be interesting if you wish to setup a point of presence in a new geographic location based off amazon’s infrastructure in a few clicks.

Here the introduction video from Amazon (promo) with an example setup