Quick Tip: Ctrl + Alt + & Jetbrains products

Normally when you press CTRL + ALT + <Arrow> in a Jebrains products, this will make you “go back” or “go forward” and jump through the sourcecode. Intel however has been having a different opinion about this since 2008.

If you use Intel graphics card (very popular chip) on Windows and do not reconfigure these “Intel Hotkeys” you will end up with a sideways desktop….. ahh! (to get the desktop back to normal press ctrl-alt UP)

Here is how to resolve this, here is how to disable these hotkeys

  • Search for “Intel” and click the control panel


  • The switch of these “hot keys”


(sorry, screenshot in Dutch)

Happy Hacking!


Cloud based ZEN Delivery Pipeline

Based on Amazon’s Cloud services I plan to demonstrate a delivery pipeline based on containers using  an online webform for continuous delivery maturity as a test.

High Level Design



Version Control Git Popular Open Source distributed version control
Knowledge/Documentation Confluence (10 user) Easy to use, easy to operate, not expensive, using the Gliffy diagram plugin
Continuous Integration Jenkins Most popular build platform
Configuration Management Puppet Use agent to make scale based on ‘contracts’ possible; use health information from agents for monitoring
Binaries Artifactory (OSS)  Allows you to store both Maven based artifact as well as NodeJs based and Docker image layers
App server Tomcat  When building Java web apps, this is a good bet.
Analysis ELK Elastisearch, Logstash, Kibana
Lanugages Java 8  Standard
Build tool Maven  Standard
Hosting Amazon Web Services  Standard
Backup AWS S3 Storage Not too much to backup, AWS glacier not needed
Monitoring Nagios/Puppet  Use Puppet feature and add some Nagios specifics