POD stuck on terminating?

–force / –grace-timeout=0 does not work?

this worked for me:

This stackoverflow article sent me in the right direction and solved my problem: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35453792/pods-stuck-at-terminating-status I had to type: kubectl delete pod wordpress-mysql-5f4b68789d-fsxhs --force --grace-period=0 --wait=false
kubectl edit pod wordpress-mysql-5f4b68789d-fsxhs
An editor opens with the manifest for the pod. Remove these two lines:


- foregroundDeletion

Saved the file and leave the editor. The pod with the ‘unknown’ state will be killed immediately and the newly spawned pod will start as usual. Shouldn’t Kubernetes take care about that? I mean: ‘force’ should tell kubernetes that I really really really want to kill a pod. Isn’t it 🙂 ? Josef

Source:  https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/65936

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