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31 maart 2021

Machine Learning Product Search

Personally I don’t like the so-called “Silicon Valley Inspirational trips”. Don’t get me wrong: they sound like fun but going there just for inspiration seems a bit forced. Then: what do you call it when…

16 juli 2020

Torvalds on Version Control: Git good, SVN terrible!

In this talk: Linus Torvalds talks about version controlling the Linux kernel. He talks about the benefits of fully distributed version control with Git in particular. Torvalds has written Git himself after he received a fair…

16 juli 2020

The future of the software industry, GPLv3 and beyond

Eben Moglen is one of the leading thinkers and speakers in the field of free software. Mr. Moglen is, together with Richard Stallman, the driving force behind the Free Software Foundation and recently gave a lecture…