iPhoto9 to Gallery2 export on OSX 10.9 Maverick

For a number of years I’ve been a happy user of Zach Wiley’s excellent iPhoto plugin to export my photos to gallery. Unfortunately that plugin was long pas its expiration date and stopped working on OSX 10.9. Without previous Objective C experience myself I took up the challenge and made some steps learning the language using online tutorials. Then getting familiar with the code and try to port it to iPhoto 9 on OSX 10.9. A nice project for the winter holiday! With results even! I’ve enabled AutoRefCounting, used the exports of iPhoto 9 and compiled for 64bit. You can see what my efforts were here on github or download the plugin distribution here (iPhotoToGallery-2014-01.dmg_). Please note that my first Objective C/Mac project may contain some bugs. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the details of __bridge for ARC.



Here is my Todo-list for near future development: (basically the stuff I did not do before release 😉

  1. Fix 100% of all warnings in project
  2. Merge code of iPhototogallery3 into my codebase
  3. Implement a design pattern in the plugin for exporting to different versions of gallery (1,2,3)
  4. Since I removed Growl library usage from the code; I need to replace it with something
  5. Create a fancy installer