Artikelen door Arjan Franzen

‘Trunk Based Development’ of ‘GitHub Flow’?

Wacht? dit is niet hetzelfde? De twee branching en merging strategien lijken ook erg sterk op elkaar. Er is een subtiel verschil: daar waar de release vandaan komt.           Bovenstaand: GitHub Flow een release komt van de branch               Bovenstaand: Trunk based development: een release […]

mini-review: The Phoenix Project

A novel about how to implement a DevOps culture and organisation. The protagonist is confronted with recognizable IT problems and obviously solves them 🙂 The good: Written as a novel and as a tribute to Goldrath’s famous ‘The Goal’. This helps you identify which aspects of Lean will benefit IT, Software development and service management […]

iPhoto9 to Gallery2 export on OSX 10.9 Maverick

For a number of years I’ve been a happy user of Zach Wiley’s excellent iPhoto plugin to export my photos to gallery. Unfortunately that plugin was long pas its expiration date and stopped working on OSX 10.9. Without previous Objective C experience myself I took up the challenge and made some steps learning the language using […]

Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery

Good talk here on why continuous delivery is so important when doing agile software development. Martin Fowler is present as well, although he manifests himself as an on-stage ghost because of broken mike and standing in the back of the stage. Good summary of the importance of continuous delivery.

The next big thing after Scrum: Kanban? beware!

Just finished Henrik Kniberg’s Blogprint book about Scrum vs Kanban and after starting reading I immediately found something many software teams can relate to. It’s the trouble of planning iterations when important customers demand immediate attention. This is against the general principle of Scrum. In Scrum you, the team, commit to a set of work […]

What’s that smell? Bad Code?

To determine whether a piece of source code is of good quality most of the time the first thought is: “I would have done this completely differently. ” We call this the “Not Invented Here” syndrome and can be very destructive to your product or project. Kent Beck introduced the term “Code Smell” to indicate […]

Why is “Enterprise” software terrible?

The term “enterprise software” mostly covers software designed for use within large companies. This type of software often has many users and complex calculations for calculating pension statements or bank information. I have some experience with these types of systems. The quality of this type of software ranges from abominable to lean and mean. The […]

Torvalds on Version Control: Git good, SVN terrible!

In this talk: Linus Torvalds talks about version controlling the Linux kernel. He talks about the benefits of fully distributed version control with Git in particular. Torvalds has written Git himself after he received a fair bit of criticism for using the commercial BitKeeper (The Horror! 🙂 to manage the Linux Kernel project for some time. […]

The future of the software industry, GPLv3 and beyond

Eben Moglen is one of the leading thinkers and speakers in the field of free software. Mr. Moglen is, together with Richard Stallman, the driving force behind the Free Software Foundation and recently gave a lecture at the Law Faculty of the University of Edinburgh on the future of the software industry in the era of GPL […]