To the Cloud

ZEN Software is your certified Cloud Partner

Amazon AWS

Is your organisation considering setting up shop “in the cloud” or transforming existing infrastructure to the Cloud? With ZEN Software’s Cloud Landing Zone, your organisation can safely set up and utilise the services of Amazon and Google. We provide a secure environment where your existing application can ‘land’. In addition, we assist in making your software into Cloud Ready software or transforming them into Cloud Native applications!

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Google Cloud

ZEN Software is a certified Google Cloud Platform Partner, which means that you can rely on our team of specialists to help you secure agile and flexible cloud infrastructure. Move to the Cloud confidently by choosing ZEN Software as your recognised managed multi-cloud service provider, letting you take full advantage of GCP with the freedom to innovate and create business value.

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Ensure a safe cloud landing

ZEN Cloud Landing Zone

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Standardised building blocks

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Cloud Native Technology

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Full Stack Application Development

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DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

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Infrastructure-as-code role-based access & compliancy

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Integrated into all supported clouds


Implementing the Layered Landing Zone

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Green Cloud Landing Zone

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Transform your software organisation to a cloud-native, born (again) in the cloud enterprise