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Toast on a successful go-live for everyone who dared to go to the roof

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This July the teams in Brussels, Kyiv, Odessa and Amsterdam completed the main stage of the Cloud Transformation and we are ready for LAUNCH! 🚀

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While summertime normally isn’t the busiest of seasons for DIY (Spring is) we were confronted with a hard deadline for migration and a heatwave in The Netherlands. This meant all A/Cs and Fans were sold out but people were searching still for them. We needed to migrate while there was twice the normal load on the systems causing a few ‘interesting’ minutes while the systems switched.

We recovered quickly and the system has been stable since.

Update 2018-12:

  • Return rates dropped to well below 1%
  • Improvement on revenue ✔️
  • Improvements on conversion rate ✔️

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We’re confident we can supercharge your software operation.