Spotify’s team rooms

Most organisations that develop software use some form of Agile Software Development. Spotify became famous for its own model: The Spotify model. This model is organised around teams called ‘squads’. While this organisational model is fairly well known, what’s less known is the office planning of the Spotify model. Just like the responsibilities and autonomy center around the team (squad), so do the facilities inside the office. each squad space has:

  • 7 +/- 2 desks

  • Meeting room

  • Standup meeting facilities

  • Relax/meet area

The squads in a tribe are all physically in the same office, normally right next to each other, and the lounge areas nearby promote collaboration between the squads. At Bank Mendes Gans the teams on 1 of their locations were able to experiment with the Spotify Office model. This meant grouping together and having the right facilities for the team. Dedicated to the team. By doing so we cut the overhead of planning and there was less interference between the teams.


Team Room


Meeting room at BMG

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